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Winter warming: insulated uniforms, thermals, Mechanix Coldwork Gloves

Winter warming: insulated uniforms, thermals, Mechanix Coldwork Gloves

Nothing warms the heart like sincere support, and nothing warms the legs like thermal pants πŸ˜… That’s why we’ve started our holiday season by purchasing several sets of thermals and insulated uniforms.

Yep, the total of items wasn’t much, but it helped some of our fighters. Most of them are now in challenging conditions. It’s hard to wash not only the insulated cloth but the tiny underwear there. So they need up to three sets of fleece jackets and trousers to change into. But this is not a problem if there are enough cool guys to support you in times of need πŸ˜‰.

We also delivered 14 pairs of tactical gloves (Mechanix Coldwork Gloves) to the front line. Such gloves are convenient to use in combat conditions. They do not constrain movements and at the same time fit the hand well.

Insulated uniforms, Mechanix Coldwork Gloves, thermals.

We mostly handed over warm clothes to the front line with some other things. That is why you can see piles of stuff in the photo and video reports πŸ™‚

These gloves are not Mechanix Coldwork*. You can find Mechanix Coldwork Gloves in the box above.

Thank you for your warmth! It makes our hearts melt even in the bitter frost!

Slava Ukraini!

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