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Non-profit Organization

Confidently Support Ukraine

We understand that making online payments and sending money for charitable purposes can sometimes raise concerns and suspicions. That's why we offer the option to send your donation directly to the charity organization. Although this method might take a bit longer for the funds to reach the frontline, it allows you to send a custom amount, and you can trust that, in any case, we will handle your contribution with care and ensure it's used effectively to support those in need. To proceed with this option, simply request the bank details of our charity organization, and after transferring your donation, we will send you the postcards you've chosen as a token of our gratitude.

Request Donation Bank Details

HelpUA Inc: Making a Difference in Ukraine

HelpUA Inc. stands as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, registered in the USA and subject to US law. This organization operates with full transparency and is committed to providing support to those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. When choosing to donate through HelpUA Inc., donors can trust that their contributions will be managed responsibly and will have a significant impact. The organization's EIN is 86-1671318.

Corporate Giving & Tax Benefits

Additionally, we offer the option for companies to contribute to our cause. By sending payments from your company, you can receive tax benefits while supporting our mission. We will provide the necessary tax documents to ensure that your donation is acknowledged and properly accounted for in your tax reporting. This not only allows your company to make a positive impact but also enhances your corporate social responsibility efforts, showcasing your commitment to making a difference in the world.

Donations for Life-Saving Tools and Technology

Your invaluable donations help equip soldiers and frontline workers with essential medical supplies and life-saving equipment. By contributing, you enable us to provide Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs), tourniquets, Israeli bandages, and other vital medical items that can make all the difference in critical situations. Your support also extends to supplying tactical tools and gear, ensuring those on the front lines are well-prepared and protected.ย 

With your help, we can fortify our heroes' efforts and make a lasting impact on the lives of those who bravely serve. Every donation counts โ€“ join us in supporting their mission today.

Lifesaving Medical Equipment

We provide essential medical supplies such as tourniquets, bandages, and first-aid kits to ensure soldiers are prepared for emergencies on the battlefield.

Durable Clothing for Soldiers

We supply high-quality, comfortable, and weather-resistant clothing to help soldiers stay protected and focused on their mission.

Crucial Tools for the Frontline

We purchase tactical knives, communication devices, power stations and other essential combat tools, enhancing soldiers' safety and effectiveness in the field.