All profits go to the defenders of Ukraine. Learn more โ†’

About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of volunteers from Ukraine. Now every Ukrainian has a friend or a family member fighting against the Russian occupants, and volunteering is no longer just a social activity. It's become personal. Therefore, Ukrainian volunteers can get anything for our army in the shortest terms - be it a bulletproof vest, a first-aid kit, or ... a combat dragon with a laser gun (recently purchased in Romania for the 95th brigade).

What are we doing?โ€‹

We cooperate with Ukrainian military units, hospitals, and charitable foundations, search and buy them non-lethal supplies that help our soldiers and Ukrainians affected by the war. We thought that a cute postcard or a set of stamps would be a cool way to help Ukraine. Thus, we are not asking you to simply donate money to some fund, and you get a nice artwork and also help spread awareness of the cause.

You can save lives quickly and without bureaucracy

Our project, run by volunteers, focuses on helping Ukrainian soldiers facing Russian aggression. Unlike government organizations or the Red Cross, we have a small team and avoid bureaucracy. We don't need fancy offices, and our volunteers work without paid holidays or sick leave.

Our main goal is to quickly provide non-lethal supplies to soldiers on the frontlines. We care about making a real impact, not getting media attention. By supporting our project, you directly help those defending Ukraine's freedom. Join us and make a difference for Ukraine and its people.

How much do we donate?โ€‹

We donate all profits from your postcard purchase. Profits support Ukraine and cover important expenses like taxes, production, and shipping. Taxes assist with social payments, Ukrposhta manages shipping, and local businesses print the postcards. When you buy our postcards, you not only help the soldiers on the frontlines but also uplift the Ukrainian economy and its hardworking people. By standing together and supporting this cause, we can make a meaningful impact and create positive change. Let's join together and make a difference for Ukraine.


What can your postcard buy?

A simple piece of paper can transform into a bunch of cool and useful things. And most importantly, you can do it at any time from anywhere in the world.


Unlike Russian soldiers, Ukrainians have brains that need to be protected.


Ukraine has great fighters, but unfortunately not always equipped with first aid kits.


Russian soldiers surrender in order to get a better look at the beautiful uniform of our soldiers.


Ukraine fighters don't like getting shot since it distracts them from defending our homeland.


To save more lives during the fight we need to use more drones and robots.


A pickup truck is not an armored car but it's cheap and easy to buy. It's used on the battlefield to evacuate wounded soldiers and delivery supplies.

Impactful Reports From Frontline

Discover the real-life effects of our project through stories of the help we've provided to Ukrainian soldiers. Witness how your support makes a difference in their fight for freedom and in the lives of these brave individuals.