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Our Team

Meet Our Dedicated Volunteer Team

Our team consists of passionate volunteers, deeply concerned about our friends and relatives fighting on the battlefield. Since the conflict's early days, we have dedicated ourselves to supporting those who defend Ukraine's freedom. With most of us having stable, well-paid jobs, we can devote our free time to working tirelessly on this project, ensuring that our efforts make a real difference in the lives of our brave soldiers. Get to know the individuals behind this heartfelt cause.

Tebenko Brothers

Twin Brothers โ€” Co-founders & Visionaries
Meet the twin brothers who co-founded and drive this project with unwavering passion. They have been actively helping soldiers on the frontlines with essential supplies and unwavering support.

Olya Onats

Resourceful Volunteer & Medic Support
Olya, a dedicated volunteer, focuses on finding and purchasing medical supplies for soldiers, such as tourniquets, chest seals Israeli bandages and more.

Roman Bidychak

Outdoor Enthusiast & Active Volunteer
Roman, a mountain tour guide in his day-to-day life, is a hardworking volunteer who shares Olya's passion for providing soldiers with essential medical supplies and support.

Ivan Melnyk

Energetic Runner & Resource Finder
Ivan is always on the move, quick to find and purchase needed items. He is an invaluable asset when it comes to delivery and locating essential resources for the soldiers.

Tetyana Stanova

Goal-oriented Volunteer & Soldiers Supporter
Tetyana works tirelessly to achieve her goals, doing everything in her power to acquire what soldiers need. Her unwavering determination makes a real difference on the frontlines.

Alona Panchenko

Detail-oriented Volunteer & Shipment Assistant
Alona diligently helps sort and send vital supplies, playing a crucial role in making sure our project's resources reach their intended recipients.

Alona Ponomarenko

Organized Volunteer & Shipping Assistant
Alona's keen organizational skills ensure smooth sorting and sending of supplies, efficiently getting them into the hands of those who need them most.

Julia Bondarchuk

Cross-border Helper & Supply Transporter
Julia is an essential part of our team, facilitating the transportation of cars and supplies from Europe and the UK to Ukraine. Her dedication and logistic know-how enable us to effectively provide much-needed resources to the soldiers on the frontlines.

Mary Kucher

Energetic Organizer & Shipping Coordinator
Maria is a positive and energetic force on our team, overseeing the processing of postcards, ordering new ones, and managing all shipments. Her dedication ensures a smooth operation and timely delivery, contributing greatly to the success of our project.

Illia Cheherst

Talented Artist & Postcard Creator
Illia plays a crucial role in ensuring the responsible allocation of funds within our project. By monitoring our finances, he guarantees that every penny is spent effectively and efficiently. Illia also provides valuable assistance in managing various aspects of the project.

Olena Sheveka

Talented Artist & Postcard Creator
Olena is the creative mind behind our stunning postcards. Her artistic skills bring beauty and inspiration to our project, touching the hearts of supporters and soldiers alike.

Pavlo Ktytorchuk

Skilled Designer & Concept Innovator
Pavlo contributes his design expertise and innovative ideas to create captivating postcards and concept designs, elevating our project's visual appeal and impact.

Marta Havlovych

Marta manages our Facebook and Instagram, connecting supporters worldwide. Through her posts, she turns online engagement into tangible aid for our defenders. Her dedication keeps our online presence strong.

Liudmyla Koval

Lyudmila makes sure that orders are delivered on time. She dreams of bringing our project to a new level. Her creative ideas are the driving force of our progress.

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