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Other 11 Support Kits with stretchers are delivered!

Other 11 Support Kits with stretchers are delivered!

Hi guys! We’re glad to tell you that eleven more Support Medical Kits (Standard Vehicle Medical Kits) are on the frontline. It means that eleven more brigades already have a full-equipped medic. It really matters when we are going to save the lives of our brave defenders because the stretchers we provide highly differ from UAF default ones. They are much more mobile and easy to unfold, hold and move with. Moreover, these stretchers let to immobilize the injured safely, even when they have a spinal injury. Also, special fasteners free the hands of medics for other vital activities.

If you’ve been with us for a long time, you may know that SVMKs are our main expense items. Besides high-quality emergency stretchers, they contain almost two fighters’ kits and some specific emergency stuff. For example, folding litter, Sam Splint, HPMK (heat-reflecting blanket to prevent hypothermia), etc. So, the average cost of the such kit is around $900.

So, we’re incredibly proud to announce that we’ve done it again with your tireless help.

Thank you so much, guys. You’re awesome!

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