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Targeted Capital: Kyiv’s Struggle Against Russian Aerial Assaults

With love from the heart of Kyiv

Targeted Capital: Kyiv’s Struggle Against Russian Aerial Assaults

As the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv has been the primary target of Russia since the beginning of the war in February 2022. The most elite and well-prepared Russian military units were deployed to capture the city. However, through heavy fighting, Ukrainian forces successfully defended Kyiv and pushed back the enemy army from the Kyiv region. By April, the Russians retreated from Kyiv, but not without leaving behind a trail of horrifying destruction and numerous civilian casualties in the suburbs.

Nevertheless, Kyiv remains a key target for Russian air attacks, employing missiles and drones to destabilize the city and undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty. Despite the dangers and challenges of wartime, many Ukrainians, including residents and those displaced from the eastern part of the country, continue to live in Kyiv. State authorities also persist in their work, ensuring the city’s functioning.

Contrary to the enemy’s narrative of targeting “military objects” and decision-making centers with “high-precision” strikes, the reality is that these attacks have destroyed civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, residential houses, shopping malls, parks, and streets. Tragically, more than 160 residents of Kyiv have lost their lives due to the Russian attacks since the war began.

The sound of air raid sirens has become a grim reminder for Kyiv’s inhabitants, as they have been sounded nearly 800 times since the onset of the war. To protect themselves from aerial bombardment, people in Kyiv seek shelter in basements, underground parking lots, and even the subway system. The attacks occur both during the day and at night. Despite the significant improvement of Ukraine’s air defense system with Western support, successfully intercepting over 90% of aerial targets above the capital, the debris from intercepted missiles and drones still poses a significant danger.

During the winter, Russian forces targeted power plants and other infrastructure to weaken Ukraine’s resolve and force the Ukrainian government to negotiate peace on Moscow’s terms. However, Ukrainians swiftly and defiantly repaired the damage. To mitigate the consequences of shelling and support the energy system, power outages, including planned and emergency ones, were implemented throughout Ukraine. Being the country’s largest electricity consumer, Kyiv has experienced such conditions throughout the winter. Electricity availability fluctuated, with periods of only a few hours a day or complete absence for several consecutive days. Despite facing darkness and cold, the people of Kyiv have not lost their fighting spirit. Portable batteries, power generators, flashlights, and candles have become lifelines for the residents, providing relief during these challenging times.

Amidst the adversity, the residents of Kyiv have shown unwavering determination to stand up against the aggressor. Acts of solidarity, volunteerism, and mutual support have emerged as powerful symbols of unity and defiance. Despite the daily hardships, the people of Kyiv demonstrate remarkable strength and resilience as they defend their city and fight for their right to live normal lives.

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