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Folk Heroine with a Jar of Cucumbers

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Folk Heroine with a Jar of Cucumbers

A stunning incident happened in Kyiv soon after Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. A Ukrainian woman claimed to have shot down an enemy drone flying over her house in Kyiv using a jar of preserved cucumbers. She noticed the drone from her balcony early in the morning. In that moment of panic, the jar with cucumbers became the first thing to grab and fight! And surprisingly, it hit the drone and caused it to crash.

Although there is no strong evidence, the story of a woman who shot down the unknown drone with the jar has become a folk fable and inspired many designs and mems.

Some Ukrainian media said they found the brave and accurate woman โ€“ her name was Olena, living and working in a household chemicals store in a sleeping area of Kyiv. Despite the vast popularity, Olena The Drone Slayer turned out to be a modest person and decided to remain anonymous.

“I will not go anywhere from Kyiv. I decided that instantly. This is my home city, my land. I will stand, I will bite, I will fight. Will do everything necessary to defeat the enemies”, she said to journalists.

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