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Ukrainian ornament


Step into the enchanting world of Ukrainian culture through the captivating “Ukrainian Ornament” postcard. At its heart lies the cherished art of embroidery, most prominently showcased in the iconic vyshyvanka. This handcrafted, embroidered shirt symbolizes national unity and celebrates the country’s rich cultural heritage. While firmly rooted in tradition, each embroidered piece carries a unique touch, showcasing the diverse stories and memories interwoven into every stitch. Beyond its captivating beauty, this art form is seen as a folk amulet, representing protection and blessings handed down through generations.

Russian warship go f... Done (+$20.00)
Ukrainian dream (+$10.00)
Brave Ukrainian farmers (+$5.00)
Slava Ukraini — Heroyam Slava (+$5.00)
Free. Unbreakable... (+$15.00)
Patron the dog (+$5.00)
Ghost of Kyiv (+$5.00)
Ukraine is the capital of ... (+$5.00)
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