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Support our Defenders and Send Your Postcard (Forwarding) – How It Works (en)

Our simple and seamless process ensures your postcard reaches the frontline with ease.
  1. Place Your Order: We’ll select the best postcard available to represent your support.
  2. Personalize Your Message: Write a heartfelt message, or let us compose one from your name.
  3. Photo Confirmation: Request to receive a photo confirming your postcard has reached the frontlines.
  4. Await a Response: Express your interest in getting a reply, and we’ll mail any response back to you.

Share Your Support

Send a beacon of hope to the frontline with "Voices of Valor." Your postcard carries personal messages of support, gratitude, and encouragement directly to soldiers, brightening their spirits and reminding them of the global community standing with them. It's a simple gesture that has a profound impact on those who receive it, offering a moment of connection amidst the challenges of defense. Your words can offer comfort, inspire resilience, and affirm the value of their sacrifice in safeguarding freedom.

Fuel the Spirit

A simple postcard can make a powerful impact on our heroes' wellbeing. Your heartfelt messages remind them that they are not alone, that their sacrifices are appreciated, and that their fight for our country and freedom is not in vain. Each message of support serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Make a Difference

Your postcards not only boost the morale of our fighters, but also contribute to a greater cause. Proceeds from postcard sales are used to purchase essential supplies, medical equipment, and other necessities for our defenders. As a result, your participation directly supports their wellbeing and their ability to protect our nation.

Support Beyond Words

By sending a postcard, you not only share your encouragement but also contribute to providing vital resources for our heroes. Together, we can help make their challenging journey a little easier, one postcard at a time. Your support enables them to focus on their mission with the knowledge that they have a strong network of people rallying behind them.